Spirituality has become a popular phenomenon and we hear about it constantly in our daily lives, however I’m not sure if it is genuinely understood. Do we realize what spirituality actually is and how vital it is to our lives? I am not completely convinced that the majority of people truly “Get It”. So I am going to take it upon myself to impart my understanding and hopefully help someone in the process.

Spirituality is the most important part of our lives. It is what keeps the universe connected and evolving.

candle-1281245_1280Spirituality is programmed into every cell of our being awaiting to be accessed. This power allows us to reach the absolute pinnacle of our potential. Without spirituality we are wandering around in the dark being guided by an ego that is lost and has no clue where to go. You may have felt this confusion in your life many times. This confusion and lack of meaning are evidence that you are not utilizing the innate power that resides within your being.

What exactly is Spirituality?

First and foremost, Spirituality is not religion. Religion is operated by human beings and not a natural part of our being. Of course, I have the utmost respect for all religious institutions and they are certainly a part of many people’s spiritual life, however they are not spirituality. Spirituality is an innate and natural power that is an eternal part of us. It is intimate to us as unique human beings and certainly does not contain rules or dogmatic doctrine. Spirituality does not exclude any living being and certainly does not discriminate against others spiritual makeup. It is all-inclusive and made up of peace, compassion, and love for all living beings. It is one with the universe.

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We choose and create our own spiritual life. It is based on our own unique soul, kind of like a personality. We have all evolved in diverse ways, thus have different spiritual feelings and beliefs based upon our unique spiritual evolution. We build our own spiritual personality by what feels right and makes sense to us. No one can ever tell you what spirituality is to you and what to do and not to do in your spiritual life. What you feel, learn and practice in your spiritual life is yours. It is not based on anyone else. Of course, there are some common building blocks that all forms of spirituality contain such as pure love, compassion, and oneness with all living things.

aura-884270_1280Spirituality is what connects us to this vast universe and all things contained in it. It’s what gives you absolute freedom to create anything you can imagine in your life. Spirituality is what gives you infinite stillness and peace within the chaos of the world. It’s the only way that we discover true meaning and purpose in life beyond the egos deluded materialistic demands. Ultimately, our spiritual power is the unseen force that will always keep you going when you feel like giving up. Your personal spirituality is what makes you a unique and vital part of the universal puzzle.

Many human beings never get to meet this powerful part of themselves due to the ego’s devious nature. The ego seeks to manipulate us into believing that we are actually our ego and nothing more. It tries to convince us that we are our thoughts and actions. This happens to be the furthest from the truth. If you venture within your being and delve deeper than the ego you will certainly discover that you are not your ego at all and you have an infinite soul that has waited for you to come home.

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Unfortunately, many of us do not seek or discover our spirituality until we experience tragedy and despair. Then we seek the “something” else to get us through. I suggest that you start now without waiting for negativity in your life. I genuinely want you to simply slow down and listen closely to the quiet whisper within you. Listen beyond the mind and say yes to the spiritual power within you. Tap into this genuine and innate force and you will manifest a life beyond your wildest imagination.

Your true journey of life will begin when the power of spirituality is unleashed in your life. I can’t wait to see what you create.

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