What is the Healthiest Water You Can Get?

Which water is best for drinking? Have you ever considered how much money went down the drain because you were buying bottled water? If you think you have protected your family by purchasing bottled water instead of drinking the one from your tap, you might be wrong. Many water companies are filtering water in such a way that it’s not nearly effective as home filtering.

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Common Misconceptions

Don’t always believe in what you see or hear. If inscription stamped on the bottle says “spring water”, it does not have to mean it is true. That said, purified water is always a better choice than non-purified water. Keeping this in mind maybe you should consider quitting the ‘bottled water gambling’. Also, when you put the costs down on a piece of paper, you will be unpleasantly surprised when you see the number. And still, no one can guarantee you that your family is fully protected and healthy.

Necessary Requirements

Just to begin, visit a website of your current water company. It is required by law in certain countries that every company should have a performance data sheet which will include all necessary certifications and the list of contaminants. Therefore, every company should share their results on their websites which will allow you to compare the quality of different water brands. Of course, some companies won’t share their performances because they are not particularly proud of it.

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Logical Thinking

There’s an ongoing debate which water is better for drinking. Some people say that low dry residue water is better than mineralized water. When it comes to healthy people, it makes more sense to drink naturally balanced water with minerals. None of leading water companies are actually fully de-mineralize their products with reverse osmosis systems or distillation techniques.

There are some companies which do it for people who have a kidney disorder or problems with their urinary tract because this water suits them best. Distilled water is free of dissolved minerals, and so absorbs them as it passes through the body. You don’t want to do that if you are perfectly healthy. On the contrary, filtered water with addition of minerals will be just fine for you.

Nowhere in nature is water occurring in de-mineralized form. Is it not telling you that the human body is simply not designed for the intake of distillated water? In addition, we can rid of traces of calcium or magnesium which can be naturally found in water only by means of certain chemical processes.

Benefits of Filtering

You already pay for water for your everyday’s technical usage. This water can also be used for drinking if you clear it first. The most effective and probably mostly used home filters are carbon block and granular carbon filters. This is the best technology for removing organic chemicals from water, such as pesticides, herbicides or other harmful chemicals which can be found in water due to industrialization.

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The money you will invest into a filter will return to you after several months. Once you purchase it, you will only need to replace filter cartridges as they get dirty. Not only you will save your money in the long run, but you will be able to sleep peacefully knowing your family is healthy and protected.

As you can see, water filters are a smart investment. Whether we chose to approach it scientifically or logically, mineralized water is better and healthier for your organism. After you take out the filter cartridge you will notice just how bad the water you have been using was. Water is essential for your life and well-being. You’re responsible for your health and health of your kids so be very aware of quality of water which you are drinking.

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