Stainless steel railings are hugely popular for both residential and commercial applications. These railings are widely used for both interior and exterior applications in residential apartments, commercial establishments including shopping malls, stores, and office buildings, and in airports, metro and railway stations, bus stops, and so on. The durability, resilience and long life of stainless steel railings make’s them an ideal choice for balcony, staircase and atrium.

When it comes to railings, there are several other alternatives including wrought iron, glass, aluminum, cast iron and mild steel. Stainless steel railings are preferred over several of these options because of their unique features that make them ideal for most railing applications. The next few sections provide an account of what makes stainless steel railings different from other railing options:

stainless steel railing

Corrosion Resistant

Every grade of stainless steel contains chromium that leads to a chromium-rich oxide film on the material’s surface making it resistant to corrosion. Most importantly, this thin film of chromium is able to continuously restore itself from scratches and abrasions thus making stainless steel railing ideal for applications that undergo daily wear and tear. The anti-corrosion feature makes stainless steel staircase railing designs and steel railings for balcony and atriums widely popular.

High Structural Strength

Railings demand high structural strength and long term durability in order to ensure safety of people using balconies, staircases and atriums. This is ensured by stainless steel railings as they have extremely high tensile strength, and are weather-proof and rust-proof. Once installed, these railings continue to serve for a long period of time without requiring any maintenance.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Who does not want to have aesthetically appealing railings for their balconies and staircases? The aesthetic qualities of stainless steel make it an ideal choice. Your stainless steel railings for balcony or staircase will always look clean and polished. In addition, if you are looking for attractive stainless steel staircase railing designs, that too is easy as stainless steel is malleable and allows manufacturers to go for a wide range of design options – contemporary or classic or intricate patterns or clean lines or curves, and so on.

Easy Maintenance

Stainless steel railings are comparatively much easier to maintain. It requires a very simple cleaning regime involving just water and soft cloth. This is more than sufficient to keep your stainless steel railings always clean. This is the reason why airports, shopping malls, railway stations and metro stations, shipping ports go for stainless steel railings for their entire establishment.

An Eco-friendly Choice

Unlike other materials used for railings, stainless steel is environmentally friendly as it is 100% recyclable. Production of stainless steel railings uses a high percentage (up to 50%) of scrap metal that has been previously a part of some other stainless steel items or components. Most importantly, stainless steel does not emit any toxins if put in landfills.

Several leading manufacturers are offering high quality stainless steel railing systems in the market. Their products conform to the international standards with respect to designs and quality and are completely customizable to suit both interior and exterior applications.

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