There are various reasons why one becomes a college drop out. The reasons vary from being able to pay the tuition and miscellaneous fees the university requires to one’s own laziness to attend school as well as other emotional problems which hinder one to attend like the usual students.
It is difficult for a college drop out to get the job he wishes or even a job that is enough to sustain one’s daily needs. The reason behind this is the fact that most companies prefer their employees to at least have a college diploma knowing that they already have the knowledge it takes to handle the job. The sad part about this is that this excuse is being used by companies whose job doesn’t really require a college diploma since the skills required are already gained during the primary and secondary grade. Still, human resources are still insistent that such criteria should be met.

Of course, one should not be down hearted just because he doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree. The shocking truth is that most people behind the computer and internet are really college drop-outs who have devoted their life in the craft that made them great. Right now, they are the billionaires who employ the college graduates.

There is no reason then for a drop out not to reach his career goals. You should be reminded that people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Dell were people who were also college drop-outs and are now listed as the richest individuals in the world. The reason for this is that they didn’t let anything come in between them and their career goals. Yes, they are brilliant men but it is also a fact that we are great in our very own special ways.

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The first thing to be considered to end up as a successful individual despite being a college dropout is that you should know who you are and what you have. Of course, to some, this is something hard. It is somehow easy to discover that by simply asking, “What is my greatest achievement in life that i did flawlessly and without much effort?” You know for a fact that there is something special about you and the answer lies in you. You know that and all you have is to start with that simple seed.

The next question you have to ask yourself is to ask what you really want in life. You surely know what you want in life. Do you want to become one of the famous innovators of the century and make a mark in history? You may want to be the low profile who has made a huge difference in society, the person behind the other great discoveries and reform. You may simply want to earn millions of dollars and be one of the multi billionaires in the future.

It is also important to dream big but make it realistic. Do not settle on a little achievement but think of the greater things that you could possibly possess that is imaginable. Your career goals shouldn’t be limited but let it be endless as the open sea and let it be as high as the most distant thing in the entire universe. Remember that these dreams serve as a guide to what you want that is why you should let your path be great, so dream big. However, it is important that your dreams also align with your skills and talents. This will help you set big yet realistic goals since it is attainable through hard work.

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Do not let the fact that you are a college dropout drown your visions. A piece of paper called Diploma could pave your way but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get through just because your path is filled with thorns. You want to reach your career goals anyway so be prepared to face whatever obstacle there is just to reach that goal. You can reach that dream through determination. Being a college dropout doesn’t stand between anything but your mind set about this do?


Of course, dreams without actions are useless so it is important to take steps for you to attain your career goals. Set that goal in mind then think of relevant experiences that may lead you there one step at a time. They may be small but in the long run, they may later become bigger as you gain skills and experience that will amount to a diploma. Some companies consider experience more important than holding a degree. The reason for this is that the person already has prior experience in the craft and doesn’t need much training which will save time and money unlike a fresh graduate.

Think about this and you will certainly reach your career goals in the future. You may even continue your schooling and graduate eventually once you achieve your goals. Just remember that it’s not the diploma that is keeping you away from your dream but it will always be the negativity that you let in.

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