We live in a world that’s going really fast, each day seeing something new, causing us a lot of stress we cannot seem to vent. In order not to lose it, many people started rediscovering their crafting skills they have stopped mastering due to education, job, family or some other obligations. If you want to go back to practicing crafts, or you wish to discover a new one, take a look at the following few tips on how to enjoy yourself while practicing your skills.

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If you have found something you are good at and you have the problem where to master it, then find a corner in your house and make it only for that purpose. It does not have to be a big studio, but a quiet room where nobody can disturb you. Some people like to go out of the house, out of their everyday routines and isolate themselves, for example, they make a workshop in their garage or use a shipping container as one, as they can be modified if needed. When you decorate it as you wish, it will turn into a pretty cozy place where you can pursue your inner self and find peace in crafting.


Once you make your own space, the creative process will not happen out of the blue. Being creative means a lot of time spending in search, and failing just as much, but what you discover during that process will make your life fuller. It is important to keep practicing, and remember that mastery is not about perfection; it is about the joy of discovery – if you make a mistake, you will learn how to avoid it in future. Just like a child, crafting skills will mature over time, and you will develop your skills along with them. You just need to keep on going.

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Depending on the type of craft you are mastering, you must have all necessary tools and supplies. These include: special scissors; paints and brushes, paper, fabric and cardboard or any other hard material, such as plastic and wood boards; crafting tools such as utility knife or a rotary tool; glue; and pencils, markers and crayons. Since all this will surely make a chaos in your studio or crafting room, you must have a storage area, for example storage boxes, bins or some other containers in which you will gather everything at the end of the crafting process.


The benefits of having a craft are multiple. Not only will you cherish the fruit of your two hands and your creative self, but you will be able to show it to the world. And who knows, maybe, some day, you can share the knowledge you have acquired and pass it on to other people, people making mistakes just like you used to make. In your hands you will hold the gift of giving. And finally, you will feel more confident, you will like yourself much more and you will value yourself as a creator. Nothing can beat that.

If found these few pieces of advice interesting and they seem useful to you, do not hesitate and read some more on the topic.

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