Libraries were considered as a vital part of the educational institutions, they were thought to be the birthplace of all sorts and types of knowledge and understandings available relating to every field and in every arena. Students in the previous days collected the required information for their studying/reading purposes by visiting the library and going through the books. All of the desired material and sources which a student may demand was available to students of all kinds in the institution. Libraries used to accommodate the needs of every individual be it in the field of informational technology, law, sciences, nature, politics and social sciences etc.

There are countless and numerous ongoing discussions and considerations taken by the authorities as discussed by the students that libraries no longer serve the purpose for students. There are students least interested in visiting libraries just because they have other alternatives at their doorstep. As mentioned and proved numerous times, technology has never ever failed to impress our generation, but at the same time it has gained admiration in the last two decades due to which the concept of proper foundations, for example libraries has started to decline and fade away. Let us look at various explanations and reason out why libraries are disappearing and why and how the internet has gained acceptance and appreciation in terms of education.

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When compared to libraries, internet as the suitable alternative is mostly considered convenient and suitable by students of all ages. Rather than actually going and taking extra hours outs from the packed routine, they can sit in front of the computer or laptop or even mobile gadgets to extract information, hence the preference is obvious; everybody wants to have information right where they are sitting even if walking to the library takes just five minutes of the walk. Preference is given over quantity, but not over quality since libraries usually are filled with the classics and masterpieces of all time.

Technology for all!

Computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and all other such gadgets are easily manageable and in the reach of every individual. By giving a meager amount of money per month, users can enjoy unlimited entertainment, information and material. The internet is the necessity of all households and communities, it is difficult to characterize internet as a facility since it is now a requisite. Due to its 24/7 easy accessibility, every student is in the reach of a tablet and in just one click away can find numerous examples, materials and information required for a task.

More Information:

It is true that information available online is more in quantity, internet links can help students find a variety of links from different countries and can give examples including different communities as well. Moreover, the information on the internet is up to date with all the happenings of the world. Libraries, on the other hand, stick to books that might be really ancient in accordance with the existing situation. Students can type whatever they are looking for and can get custom homework online for university/school/college tasks in less than a minute!

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The internet is Social:

Usually due to novel concepts such as blogs, articles, research papers, journals and scholarly articles; the internet is considered more societal and shared. Learning involves talking and communicating with different people living in different places, this variety and diversity can be observed on blogs where people from their opinions and others can learn and share their own experiences with them.

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