Security has ever more been a big worry for everyone who uses the internet on their devices. Most of the devices that are configured to accept the Wi-Fi default are at the risk of protection. Now, Microsoft has introduced the latest technology called Wi-Fi Sense to Windows 10 users. In fact, this feature allows the user to connect to the internet automatically from the wireless hotspot. In this way, WiFi sense reduces the need for users to manually discover and login to Wi-Fi networks for getting internet access as long as the user is available within the range. However, this feature is only offered for users of Windows 10.

Even though, this feature is highly beneficial, it also has some cons at the certain stage of situations. In this article you will see the problems that are made by WiFi sense and ways to recover from it easily.

wi-fi senseThreats associated with Wi-Fi Sense

When you’re the user of Windows 10, you may definitely feel like there are some problems with your Wi-Fi hotspot at certain times. Even though, it is useful for people, it may make you vulnerable to some threats. In that way, some of the problems that are made by Wi-Fi sense are listed as follows.

  • If you are opening a Wi-Fi hotspot for sharing files with your particular friend, it may be possible to get your access by some other unknown persons near that area without your permission.
  • It’s also possible to easily cut your data by anyone that you may not know. As well as, they may also access your files, too.
  • In fact, this can cause a large number of problems when you are using this wireless network in your business.
  • These are the main problems that can threaten your Wi-Fi hotspot. However, it is highly needed that you protect your wireless network from these unwanted accesses.

How to secure your network from the Wi-Fi sense?

If you have problems in the unwanted access of others to your wireless network, you can follow some important things. Let’s see the ways to wi-fi sensereduce the threats of unwanted access of your Wi-Fi network.

  • It is better to use a password or passphrase for your wireless network as the key for your home and office networks. It can definitely reduce the access of your Wi-Fi by unknown persons.
  • Furthermore, you can give this key only to the person you trust. It is also better to train your workers not to share your organization’s wifi password to guests or visitors.
  • If your visitors are requesting wifi access to your network, you can ask them to open the connection interface and on your own type in the password and handover their device to them. This can definitely be useful for protecting your wireless network.
  • When you do so, the guests and visitors are able to use your network this time but are not able to see the saved password. In this case, they cannot share your network with anyone else.

Open the guest network

  • Each and every modem router can have the ability to create a guest network. This allows you to separate it from your wi-fi sensebusiness network.
  • It is highly beneficial to change the password of your wireless network often to avoid unwanted access. It is definitely useful for all kinds businesses, even if they are small or big.
  • You can change your Wi-Fi password by accessing your router settings. In fact, the router settings can be modified only when you have the IP address of your router. is the default IP address for most routers like Linksys, Dlink and more, you can find more useful information on this site So, you can use this IP address for accessing your network settings and customize it for changing your Wi-Fi passwords.

In this way, you can protect your wireless network from Wi-Fi sense.

Written By: Masha Winget

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