“You are the only person on earth who can use your ability.” 

~ Zig Ziglar

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What is Will power? We are told that will power is self-control: the trait of resolutely controlling your own behavior, or will power is the self discipline to sacrifice a short term good to gain a long term good. People have also said that we are the Will. Whatever your definition of Will; hopefully it works for you, but please note that Will is a tool and not what we are.

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We’re also told in scripture that we have free-will. How can we have free-will when we are constantly being bombarded with how to act, how to dress and how to think etc. in this-worldly world?… We were born free, Right? But somehow we lost our freedom when we became indoctrinated by this-worldly world. Free-will then became a matter of freeing the Will.


Internal Oppressors:
As the quote states, after the words at the bottom of it are slave masters, but inside of ourselves, or internal oppressors as the quote mentions.If you are feeling these feelings or different ones that are causing you suffering, please do not try to avoid them. Trying to avoid them or reacting to them will just make them bigger, and this is what I face as well. Notice them, see them and know that the feelings are not you, or us (we weren’t born with these feelings) and overtime they Will lose power. Know that we will constantly be tested, because that’s what Lucifer does; test our progress, right?

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We build a house, but it takes tools to build that house. We don’t go into a hardware store and just take a tool and walk out with it, which would be against the law. We have to spend money (Spirit) to buy that or those tools. I have before mentioned the Will being a tool, but the money in this case would be spirit, as mentioned. We go through different situations and negative feelings may occur, but when we start to have less reaction to those feelings–spirit starts to build up. We then take that spirit, or money in its parable and apply for a lay-away plan to buy the best doggone Will tool out there. Every spirit dollar you put towards the Will tool, you’re able to use from the Will tool; obviously different rules apply to the spirit world.

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We’ve been mis-informed ladies and gentlemen, as you may know, as we grew up, but for a reason. Do you remember leaving the nest of your mother and father’s house etc.? There is, or will be a time when we have to leave the nest and live our own lives. At times our parents wants us to do better than they did.

Let’s look at our parents as gods for a minute and in order for us to become equal to them, we have to face what they faced and conquer as much as we can like they did in order to become gods or stronger gods. We cannot do this by staying with our parents forever, in fact it is impossible to.

Free The Will!

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