“When you write remarkable content, you stay engaged and excited with your blog. Your readers follow suit.”

— Seth Godin

If you want to boost your conversions, then you must go for interesting, unique, compelling, and intriguing headlines. Undoubtedly, the headline of any written piece is the most important part of it. A simple page can look extraordinarily overwhelming when you sit down on your chair to write your content. And most writers find headlines especially intimidating.

A headline is what grabs the reader’s attention in the first place and urges them to read the rest of the content. It is like an advertisement for your content. So, your headline must be so irresistible that your reader has to find out more. It is the first thing that will go glug-glug, and it will definitely help you get more conversions.

Okay, now that we’ve got your attention, buckle up as we take a journey into the deep oceans of how to recognize and understand the magical power behind writing killer headlines that can boost the traffic and the conversions. We will tell you about the 5 tactics to get the most out of it.

Tactics to Writing Killer Headlines

writing killer headlines

1. Use the Right Keywords

Using the right keywords in your headlines will help you get more traffic and you’ll gain more qualified leads and sales. You must be aware what people are searching for on the Internet. This way, you’ll be able to understand the intent of your potential audience. For this purpose, you’ll have to put your feet in the shoes of your audience and try to think like them. For example, if you’re working on a post about wedding gowns, you must try to find out what people might be asking about these gowns. This way, you can answer the readers’ questions. Remember, people always look to spend less to buy a product or a service; even though ‘the only free cheese is in the mousetrap’, you can still make a powerful statement through your headline. For the search keyword ‘wedding gowns in London,’ you can write such headings:

  • Where to find best wedding gowns in London
  • Buy affordable wedding gowns in London
  • Get your wedding gown for just £700
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The following headlines, on the other hand, are meant to answer the customer’s’ questions:

  • Cost of a wedding gown in London
  • Places to buy a wedding gown in London

To find the relevant keywords and their rank, you can use Google Adwords (free tool). The best thing about Google Adwords is that it provides you with information based on the exact location of your business or service.

2. Use Numbers

Do you know why the majority of copywriters use numbers in their headlines? Because it really works! The three main benefits of using numbers in the headlines are:

  • They will entice the readers
  • People will share your posts
  • It comes with a certainty

According to the statistics, numbers enhance readers’ engagement and, hence, boost conversions. People love to read and scan the lists. List of X things works best if you know what your readers are looking for! For example:

  • 7 Tricks to make your skin glow
  • 25 Inspiring Examples of Facebook Page Designs
  • 20 Must-See Interactive YouTube Ads

Let’s consider the first headline. A girl would love to know the tricks to beautify her skin. On the other hand, if you write ‘Tricks to make your skin glow’, she will feel a bit hesitant about them. The number ‘7’ tells that there are exactly seven tricks and one of them might do the trick.

3. Use How, When, Where, How, Why

These words are considered triggers. We usually use ‘how’ and ‘why’ the most, because we’re often trying to find answers to specific questions. More than that, all of us want to improve our lives in some ways. You can write a compelling headline which only focuses on these wants and needs. Also, you must promise to fulfill these needs. Try to make sure that your headline presents the final result or benefit.

Still, don’t describe the entire process, just focus on the end results. Try to target the end result and reader’s real motivations. For example:

  • How you can quit smoking here and now
  • How to maximize profit from YouTube channel
  • Create catchy headlines that will make people share your content
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4. Try “Trigger Word or Number + Adjective + Relevant Keyword + Clear Promise” technique

Let’s reveal the secret formula of writing killer headlines.

Let’s take an example, ‘selling your car in a day’. Just apply the formula and you get ‘How you can easily sell your car in just 24 hours’.

Another example could be ‘How to make crab soup.’ By using the formula, you can write ‘How to make yummy crab soup in less than an hour’.

People will never consider reading something that’s boring or useless. They are always drawn to enticing and exciting articles.

If you still have trouble deciding which headline will be the best for your post, try to recall what it feels like to write a college application essay – successful applications do not focus on how cool you are. On the contrary, they focus on the reader. So, tell your readers what’s in it for them.

5. Follow the rules about word and character limit

writing killer headlinesAs a rule of thumb, we suggest that you must keep your headlines restricted to a certain word limit. Despite many debates on this issue, the guidelines are as follows:

  • 8 words in total
  • Up to 70-120 characters maximum

All in all, lengthy headlines look a bit boring; but if they serve the purpose, there is no issue about using longer headlines. Still, try to send your message precisely and accurately.

Final thoughts

Keep in mind that you always have to focus on your readers, not on yourself. Remember: the headline is the essence of your post. It should lure people in. That’s what a good headline should do.

Even though these tips will definitely prove useful to beginning writers, there are plenty more ideas to make use of. Tell us about the tricks you liked the most here, or even better – share your thoughts on other tactics that work. Best of luck with your next killer headline!

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