Just as how artist use tools to craft their work, it is also the same with writers. With the use of various tools, a writer can be more effective, creative and efficient. In this highly modern world, writers can enjoy a wide array of tools readily available on the Internet. Depending on which specific purpose or function, you can easily use these tools to create an engaging, creative and topnotch content that will entice and capture the interests of your readers.


With a busy and hectic schedule, it is difficult when you have to write and edit something when you are on the go. But thanks to Writeapp, you can easily work on your project. This tool has a cursor track-pad that makes it easier for you to view and select certain texts with accuracy. The tool also allows you to secure what you have written with its pass-code lock feature. And with full tag support, you can organize your notes using tags. With this application, you can view and edit your work anytime and anywhere since you can sync your files on Dropbox.


To be a good writer, you need constant practice. In fact, this is one habit that almost all prolific writers do. Your ability to let your thoughts and ideas run freely and to be able to write them down is one way for you to become a better writer. Among the best tools that you can use online is 750words.com. Through this site, you get to enjoy free writing and at the same time, help you see how you are as a writer. This tool shows you the number of words you have written per day and it can also analyze the content of what you have written which helps you to know more about yourself as a writer.

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Writing stories is now made easier since you get to have various tools where you can independently publish your work without having to worry about the cost or if there is someone who will read your work. Story Wars is a website where you can write stories along with others. They have various stories available. You can just read a story and write the next chapter. Then, you can vote on your favorite chapter. To enjoy the features of this site, you can easily sign up for free. Let your creative imaginations work and contribute writing the succeeding chapters of various stories.


Continuous practice is essential if you want to hone your craft. As a writer, you should also constantly do various exercises if you want to further improve your talent and skill. WriterKata is created to help writers improve their work by using simple and repetitive exercises known as the katas. With WriterKata, you get to have various exercises that are divided into 4 categories like story, sketch, paragraph and sentence. Completing the kata cycle gives you points and you can start having a new cycle.


Let’s face it. Even a writer who has the skill to write any content may sometimes have to rely on professional help too. When there are just too many things that you have to handle all at once and you need to meet a deadline, at least you know you can rely on a professional writing firm. A-writer.com has been proven to provide quality and topnotch writing services in the industry. Whether you are in need of an article or any academic related work, their experts can handle the task.


Scrivener is considered to be one of the most powerful tools for writers. It is a content-generation tool that allows you to structure and organize any written work. It gives you control when it comes to formatting, editing and revising your work. Scrivener is a good writing studio for all writers and even for researchers who seriously want to have a clutter-free writing space. By using this tool, you can create a well-structured and written content.

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Sharing your stories with the world is now made possible. Ghost.org is a blogging platform where you can just sign-up and start publishing your work. What makes it an interesting platform is that you can easily create your content and manage it easy. You get to have complete control of your workflow. Once you are done with your work, you can instantly publish it online.

Blog Topic Generator

Some writers would not admit but there are many who struggle when it comes to creating titles for their work. Titles are important especially since readers would look at the titles before they even spend time looking the first part of the text. With Hubspot’s blog topic generator, you no longer have to think as to what blog title you should use. You can just provide the files with nouns that you want to write about and the platform generates relevant titles that you can use.


With just a touch of a button, you get to have quality writing prompts that you can use to help you with your project. It uses a unique algorithm that gives suggestions and comes up with intelligent prompts that not only writers can use but as well as students and educators. Once you have used the prompts and started your writing, you can share and sync your work to various social networking sties or even via-email.

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