It can be hard sometimes, this life thing. It’s not easy making sure you get up one more time, then life knocks you down – especially when you don’t know how many more knocks you’ve got to take. Sometimes you can no longer see the forest through the trees and you’re left to wonder, “What am I all doing it for? Is it all worth it?”

At moments like these you need to take a step back, breathe deeply and assess. You need to ask yourself, “is it really as bad as I think it is?” Here are 7 ways to help you realize that it isn’t.

You’re here

Do you know how unlikely that is? It’s really, quite incredible. So many thousands upon millions of things had to go right for you to be here. And all of them did! You are truly, absolutely completely special. And yes, so is everybody else. But don’t throw up your hands at that. There might be seven billion of us, but in the grand scheme of things that isn’t even a mote in the eye that is the universe. Heck, there are around 400 billion suns in the universe and yet does that makes our sun any less special?

You can read this

And that’s pretty amazing. Many other people can’t. They either can’t read (there are more than 785 million people who are illiterate in this world billions more can’t read past elementary level), or they don’t have the tools to go out on the World Wide Web to access sites like these. And that isn’t even mentioning the vast majority of people who can’t read English and therefore can’t access the vast majority of what is out there.

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“But that doesn’t matter,” Some of you might scoff. Don’t be so quick to dismiss how useful that is, however. Most e-learning courses are in English, almost all scientific writing is as well, and you can access all of that, the vast majority for free. No other language group can come to close to that.

You’re still dreaming

The fact that you’re reading this proves that. You’re still looking for a silver lining. And that means that even if you’re in a bit of a rut, you’ve still got the passion to get out of it. All you need to do is wait it out, or better yet take life by the short and curlies and improve yourself. That way, when you feel better, you’ll get to be extra proud, you’ll get to say: “Look at me, I was in a dark place and I made light. I made myself better.” Start out with reading these inspirational stories and then take it from there.

We need the darkness to appreciate the light

And that is another point. Sometimes we lose hope, sometimes life is hard and we have trouble seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. But it is always there. What’s more, those periods, the dark ones, they are the ones that we look back at later in life and go, “Wow, did I learn a lot when the wind turned against me.” You learn about yourself, you learn about what you’re capable of, you get to see if you’re a fighter. So fight! And become proud of who you are. Because it is the darkness, and never the light, that shows us our true mettle.

Somebody loves you

Somebody does and you’ve got to be grateful for that. We often take those people for granted when really we should be immensely happy that they’re there. Find that hard to do? Then sit down and imagine how your life would be if that person would not be in your life. Really go for it. This will remind you to be grateful. Things can always get worse.

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As a bonus consider telling that person how important they are to you. Don’t expect anything back, just take the time to tell them and leave them with a warm glow inside. One of the greatest things we can do while we’re here is make another’s life better – that goes double when we ourselves are feeling down.

You have the courage to ask the big questions

Questions like, “Do I matter,” are huge. A lot of people go through life never wondering about things like that. They’re too busy, or too distracted, or too stupid. And yet it is these kinds of questions that make us so special as a species. No other animal asks things like that. What’s more, it’s these kinds of questions that opens our philosophy, religion and meaning. Questions like, “Why am I here?” started some of our greatest names down the path to self, and global, discovery that made them great. And you’re asking the same questions!

You are special

And don’t worry if you haven’t quite found your way yet. Most of us spend most of our lives looking and yet feel pretty happy about ourselves and our accomplishments. I think, in a way the looking is what we’re here for. We all get to ask the question and we all have a slightly different answer. And that is what it means to be unique. That’s what it means to be special.

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